Announcement: Solution to the abnormal synchronization issue in the UENC main network

1. Underlying causes

On the eve of the Spring Festival, a large number of new nodes were merged into the UENC network, which required data synchronization. The public network node server needed to forward the synchronization data. This large amount of forwarding put pressure on the network bandwidth and affected the normal processing of transactions. Some concurrent transactions for block building could not be broadcast well either. This caused inconsistencies in the height of each node in the entire network, which formed a network bifurcation. In addition, when the nodes of these networks required error correction and recovery data, they also needed to be forwarded from the public network node server, which further aggravated the bandwidth utilization of the network, thereby exacerbating the transaction failure rate.

In short, the root cause of the issue was excessive server pressure.

2. Solutions

UENC Lab will use the following methods to carry out improvements and make adjustments:

1. Direct data transmission under a UDP protocol to reduce server pressure will be examined.

2. The local LAN proxy server will be used to synchronize data and reduce server pressure.

3. The network topology will be changed from a central structure to a hybrid structure to reduce server pressure.

4. A priority processing mechanism for the network message queue will be adopted to optimize the response speed of mobile phones and transaction requests.

5. The mechanism for the node data error correction will be optimized to reduce the unavailability of the node during the error correction period.

6. The mechanism for node selection will be optimized during transactions to improve transaction success rates when there are a large number of unsynchronized nodes in the entire network.

7. A processing mechanism for disaster tolerance will be added for a large number of highly inconsistent nodes in the network.

3. Time required for completion

The above improvements are expected to be completed before the end of March.


25 February 2021



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