Create the top DAO application world in this utopian public chain The killer app for stimulating ecology — DO Network

How does DAO exist in the DAO Network visual field of vision?

Utopia originated from the utopian country proposed by Thomas More, the founder of utopian socialism. Where the property was of public possession, the people are equal, implement the principle of distribution according to demand, and the public elects the officers, considering that private ownership is the source of all evil that must eliminate it.

Behind private ownership is the product of man’s greedy weakness as a superior animal, it is obvious that people are hard to trust, which leads to the utopia of the hat of fantasy. So what should we trust? How to complete utopia, are not people always pursuing the idealization road? Until Satoshi Nakamoto tells us that we can trust machines.

If blockchain represented by bitcoin has inspired us to realize utopia, then DAO derived based on smart contract is our real gate to Utopia. There is fairness and collaboration, there is the good that we expect, and there is the trust that everyone expects, it all happens under a smart contract with trusted machines running. DAO is a culture, It is a relative balance of strong and weak cultures under the trusted decentralized system, also, a manifestation of the fairer game between those with vested interests and those without Non-vested interests according to the pre-trusted rule. In short, it is even more trusted, and it is no more fantasy.

How to create DAO’s top application world in DO Network, a utopian public chain?

Solve bottlenecks and stimulate the ecology — the answer is yes and unique.

DO inspires ecological: the stimulating ecological key is strong mobility and a sustainable incentive.

The global developers and c-end participants abound to be the closed-loop core driving objectives for the infrastructure, the developer needs a more friend start-up environment, c-end needs better quality of experience and cheaper service. The developers’ ecology is an essential bridge to entering the ecology. So inspiring the developer is significant. We divided it into the following aspects:

Positive drive through capital: the world has a vast community of developers, and the number is increasing continually. However, too many high-quality ideas and plans cannot get to the ground. The 10 percent raised money from the DO network will be an early ecological development funding. Create the DAO ecological foundation to promote the global divide developers’ participation, organization, or join in the globally influential hackathons, to incubate the early start-ups of the DAO in the DO network ecosystem.

DAO foundation and sustainable incentive: capital’s positive incentive can promote the initial influx of development ecology, but the enduing tension of the ecology still needs to be supported by the economic models, DO network established the unique long-term incentive model, below is the description of it:

To foster the utopian application world of DAO is far not enough to rely on the human adjustable incentive. The DO network designs a contract economy model from the underlying architecture, which is more convenient for the development of the DAO. The developer provides multiple DAO protocols and will obtain long-term and sustainable rewards once adopted; these rewards all rely on an algorithm that under decentralized, which no one can master and plunder. From our perspective, the development of the DAO is diversified, and also, exists rich in various forms from easy to difficult. It can be a sophisticated protocol toolset with an economic model; it also could be simple voting governance tools that do not require complex economic models to rely on. They will all be called and executed in the smart contract.

For instance, the number of injections is 5, 10, and 30 in three grades, no matter which amount is selected for injection, you can get the same deployment permission and will destroy the injection amount, which in itself is also deflationary. So how does the difference in initial injection amount embodiment? That is about continuous long-term effect rewards. For example, you selected ten deployment smart contracts, so when calling the protocol one time that can allow ten as a cardinal number to obtain1/10000 serves as a reward. These rewards are feedback incentives that users draw from when they pay gas fees, do not belong to inflate the assets; it is healthy enough and happens in a sustainable cycle, it is all about creating a relatively perfect space for developers to start their own business, which is also our ideal utopian status. Regardless of the low threshold or high threshold developers can follow this incentive algorithm to obtain a long-term incentive for main network assets, which is unique in the entire public chain industry.

DAO fund is composed of 4 million DOS, 4% of DO circulation, which is used for airdropping and incentives to the developers of the whole ecosystem. In this way, they can deploy their ideas in the DO Network contract in code mode at low or even no cost. At the same time, they can also get long-term market incentive feedback. The wealth effect under the incentive must be the most powerful mace to obtain the developer ecology, forming a vast silver carp effect.

Infrastructure promotes decentralization and mobility:

80 million DO accounts for 80% of the total issuance. As a long-term inflation incentive, it is a guarantee to stimulate the underlying construction. Reasonable annual inflation rate and distribution logic, including the election mechanism of the portfolio trustor of physical nodes, have brought the c-end market an opportunity to benefit from inflation, and can also play a vital role in the degree of decentralization and liquidity. Both physical node holders and c-side users have the opportunity to participate in inflation.

The bottleneck logic theory of the DO to solve:

the key to solving the bottleneck is the blasting and sustainable expansion and embrace of the vertical face.

The public chain network has entered a state of going hand through rapid development and is no more a pure technology competition. Ecology has become the focus of all users. With the needs of the DAO becoming more exuberant, complete diversified algorithms and toolset perpendicular to the DAO plate are not perfect on each chain, which cannot complete by a single team. DO Network aims to establish a high-performance extensible public chain of vertical plates with complete DAO facilities through the unique incentive model mentioned above.

The wave consensus has a lightweight consensus algorithm that can make the strong sustainable expansion performance of the DO, dual smart contract protocol can also make more developers real grow together in the easy friendly and the environment with intensive effect to establish the ideal nation.

DO’s C-end possession theory

We reckon that all the forms of commerce are designed to eventually occupy the c-end. Only c-end captured empires have sustained productivity. All the efforts made in production relations are to stimulate the C-end. Therefore, in DO Network, from the entrusting of infrastructure to the feedback incentives for developers to the efficient experience brought by performance, all aim to directly reach the C-end and finally complete the ecological system of a healthy cycle.

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DO’s vision: Ecological co-builders and participants create a top-level DAO application world — DO Network based on the utopian public chain

DO’s attitude: the DAO is everywhere here, here DO is omnipotent, and co-builders are incomparable here.

Let’s do it for a utopian country with a decentralized world in mind!



Unbelievable performance publicchain #DO___network and the DO economic model of the permanent motion cycle, create the top #DAO application world.

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Unbelievable performance publicchain #DO___network and the DO economic model of the permanent motion cycle, create the top #DAO application world.