DAO development under Web3

The pace of the crypto world is fast, we can hear a lot of new terms every month, and our minds are constantly flooded. As the infrastructure construction team at the bottom, we also pay close attention to the development of the industry. This year, the most prominent ones should be Web3, and DAO, especially Web3 is exciting.

Web2 has brought great convenience to people, and new business models have risen. Unprecedented value has emerged in society, and human beings have created remarkable value in the whole universe. Unfortunately, the only thing is that it is entirely centralized. Web3 came out last year and has been on the discussion board of all cryptographic industry practitioners this year. The broad boundary also makes more code creators in the traditional world see hope, and a significant migration from Web2 to Web3 has begun.

Web3 prototype results from decentralized identity, in the decentralized world such as front-end visualization decentralization and more than a wallet identity, carrying the decentralized trading, along with the continuous improvement of the decentralized storage. Our non-transactional data will also be worthy of trust, so a complete Web3 is coming on, which is so exciting and stores much good about the born decentralized business chain. DO Network is bound to have a place because we have fast enough decentralization and innovation. We are still in the DAO field have the, and its deep study and solve the demand of invention then Web3 and DAO is what kind of relationship?

People are always greedy, want to be free, want security, justice, and the pursuit of fairness on the road keeps increasing. However, the law is entirely fair; it is hard to exist. It does not affect filing a complaint with us and the effort; the ideal is always some, also want to think about utopia. Development of the Web3 will be across the times breakthrough, Data, and the value of the new products related to the liberation of all the C bottlenecks. The value there will be a better way of restoring and bringing is weak value. To measure the value at the core of the medium, Circulation is mainly in the Token, so a high TPS circulation infrastructure is critical. DO can do it when it has attained liberation from the value simultaneously. New forms of business, new relations of production, and new business innovations all need to be governed. The centralized governance model can no longer adapt to the development of Web3, so DAO is the core element. To reshape and form an entire world that we can trust with each other, IT is inseparable from Web3 + public chain +DAO. We have tremendous confidence that we can stand out in the Web3 wave!

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