[Recap] AMA with UENC Global Ambassador Sam Lindaman — 12(July 02, 2021)

Q 1: Can you explain the goal of the project?

A: UENC helps users to interact with different blockchains at a go. In the UENC network, you can perform operations like cross-chain transfers, exchanges, and storage of encrypted assets, and use the blockchain network infrastructure to build and run complete decentralized apps.

Q 2: Is UENC working on green-related technology?

A: Yes! At present, as a global decentralized composite public chain, UENC has greatly reduced the energy consumption of blockchain nodes. According to relevant data, UENC currently has low computing power requirements in the market, and its minimum configuration only requires a single CPU core.

Q 3: What are you working on?

A: We are currently working on a lot of aspects of the ecosystem. The focus during this period was to resolve issues related to the exchange listing, revise the whitepaper and developer documentation, and start to implement a part of the interface implementation for the testing of the network faucet function.

Q 4: How’s the development schedule?

A: Due to the recent changes in the laboratory development team, the expected development route will be adjusted. Also, the scheduled time will be changed.

Q 5: Can you introduce us to the core team?

A: Our core team incorporates Jason Shen(who is the chairman of the New Zealand Energy Chain Foundation), Dr. Jiang Zhiyu(who has experience as Chief Software Architect in well-known companies such as Dell, IMB, amd Hitachi), and John Sokol(who has deep experience in aeronautics and aerospace research at NASA).

Q 6: How long is the service life of UENC’s mining machine?

A: UENC’s mining mode is different from Bitcoin and other mining modes that require a large number of graphics cards. It does not consume a lot of power, does not cause the temperature of the mining machine to be too high due to high power consumption, and does not require a cooling fan. This greatly reduces the failure rate of the UENC mining machine. In theory, the service life of the UENC mining machine should exceed three years.

Q 7: Can I cash out my mining?

A: Coins mined with UENC’s mining machines can be directly converted into cash and traded on the exchange.

Q 8: What can UENC do for the ecosystem?

A: UENC is positioned to positively impact many of the platforms currently plagued with various issues. Once our technology is recognized, UENC will do great things!

Website: uenc.io

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