[Recap] AMA with UENC Global Ambassador Sam Lindaman — 6 (April 06, 2021)

Q 1: Can you explain what UENC is?

A: UENC is a scalable public blockchain platform that utilizes cross-chain technology. As a highly decentralized blockchain network, UENC allows its users to interact with different blockchains at the same time. In the UENC network, users can perform operations such as cross-chain transfers, exchanges, and storage of encrypted assets, as well as use the blockchain network infrastructure to develop and run complete decentralized applications.

Q 2: Who are the UENC core team?

A: Our core team incorporates Jason Shen(who is the chairman of the New Zealand Energy Chain Foundation), Dr. Jiang Zhiyu(who has experience as Chief Software Architect in well-known companies such as Dell, IMB, and Hitachi), and John Sokol(who has deep experience in aeronautics and aerospace research at NASA).

Q 3: What is the purpose of the project?

A: The purpose of UENC is to allow for the integration of blockchain without the issues of speed, cost, and efficiency disrupting the experience.

Q 4: How does UENC use cross-chain technology?

A: UENC has created a layered and integrated inter-blockchain technology. In the process of achieving cross-chain interoperability, it pays more attention to the high integration of assets in the two networks and integrates the network layer, consensus layer, and incentive layer of other networks into the UENC network to gradually achieve layered integration. The goal of cross-chain assets is to realize the exchange and integration of any digital assets in a safe environment.

Q 5: What is the “impossible triangle” of blockchain that UENC is trying to solve?

A: It means it is impossible to achieve decentralization, scalability, and security in the blockchain.

Q 6: What launches has UENC carried out?

A: In addition to public chain development, UENC has also implemented a number of applications such as the EnergyClub app and Fastoken Wallet, and is making continuous efforts to build an open ecosystem with multiple roles such as users and developers.

Q 7: What are the advantages of the DPOW consensus algorithm adopted by UENC?

A: Compared with the conventional POW algorithm, the DPOW consensus mechanism independently developed by UENC does not have any complicated competitive calculations, and the node itself does not participate in the calculation competition, which eliminates a considerable amount of computer-power wastage. It is also different from POS, where the larger the currency holding of a user, the more power he yields. The UENC network takes the participation and contribution of its users very seriously, and oligopoly and centralization are highly unlikely to occur.

Q 8: What will happen if an individual finds a bug? Will there be a reward?

A: Yes definitely a reward will be provided! If you find any potential security issues or threats about the underlying security of our blockchain, please email tech@uenc.net.

Q 9: When was v1 launched?

A: The 1.0 version of the POC was officially launched on November 1, 2020.

Q 10: What is your opinion on UENC’s growth?

A: UENC is definitely in the position to make a huge impact in the ecosystem due to the many issues distributed throughout many of the platforms. Once, our technology is recognized, we believe that UENC will do great things!

Website: https://www.uenc.io/



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