UENC: Becoming the “Sweeper” in the Public Chain Arena

There is a scarcity of peace for the rivers and lakes of the public chain. We can think of all public chains as a martial arts knight on the rivers and lakes, fearlessly fighting, both openly and secretly. It is exactly because of this that the arena of the UENC public chain is extraordinary. UENC has become the “sweeper” in the public chain arena. UENC is low-key and second to none when it comes to strength.

Focus on researching technology, leading the public chain

It is obvious that there is an increasing number of projects in the Ethereum system resulting in problems such as congestion, long confirmation time, and high gas fees. It also encourages more explorers to join the public chain competition track. Being the leading low-energy-consumption basic public chain, UENC has become a smart competitor on the public chain track with the support of the early team and capital.

You can think of it as developing a blockchain project which is as difficult as making an app on a mobile phone without an operating system. Everything must start from the lowest level, and this “lowest level” is the chain, which is everything base.

The foundation of the blockchain martial arts society is the public chain. In the absence of the public chain, there would be no large-scale application in the blockchain world. UENC is just like the low-key sweeping monk in the public chain. Its charm comes from a contrast, low-key and simple appearance, unfathomable strength, and detached martial art aesthetic. Among all these characteristics, Having great strength is the most critical factor.

The High-efficiency Chain Experience

In the UENC network, each transaction is packaged into a block without waiting for the package, thus ensuring the timeliness of the transaction. When each node device is verified in the main network, it is a process of random selection and fragmented execution. Therefore, UENC nodes do not need computing power competition, hardware upgrades, and power consumption. This mechanism greatly reduces the mining cost of hardware nodes and reduces user transaction fees.

Through the independent research and development of the DPOW consensus algorithm, UENC adopts innovative technologies based on DHT mesh network and cross-parallel storage technology (CPS). It achieves a high-concurrency, high-speed, and low-cost user chain transaction experience. UENC satisfies the future token economy High-speed development of the underlying technology needs.

It can be understood in a very popular way that it is like the Luohan boxing practiced by the sweeping monk. It inherits and carries forward the thoughts, theories, and practices of the predecessors and summarizes them, thus forming a new set of martial arts faculties more systematically. UENC can achieve the purpose of unleashing human potential and enlightening wisdom, that is, the way of enlightenment.

UENC achieves the purpose of unleashing human potential and enlightening wisdom through both internal and external cultivation and condensing the true nature.

Just as not everyone can reach the extreme in their lifetime, but through UENC, you can get a share of practice and gain. Each has its way. It is simple to get started, but it is powerful.

Equal Rights Mining Mechanism

The essence of UENC mining is the process of obtaining UENC rewards when mining machine nodes provide various pass verification services for mainnet users. The platform has innovatively developed the DPOW consensus algorithm. The verification of transactions by each node is a random selection process, and the reward opportunities for each mining machine node are equal.

The mining rewards of UENC miner nodes mainly include transfer fees and transaction rewards (ie, block rewards). After each transfer transaction is completed, the UENC network will reward all mining machine nodes participating in the confirmation. The reward is shared by the nodes participating in the transaction confirmation.

To put it simply, the advantages of this consensus and UENC mining will be integrated, and the mechanism will continue to be upgraded in the future. UENC’s equal-rights mining mechanism is just like the practice of a sweeping monk.

Solving the cost problem

UENC used an effective strategy to reduce the high transaction fees and operation and maintenance costs. UENC’s entire mining process is extremely low-cost. Whether it is computing power, bandwidth, or energy consumption, they all have a natural advantage. The commercial application direction of UENC is mainly based on the issuance of tokens, creating technical features created by the UENC network, such as decentralization, high efficiency and speed, and low user cost.

However, the UENC mining machine has lower noise than ordinary computers and can be operated in a home environment with ordinary networks. It can be operated without professional hosting. From a glimpse, UENC has great growth potential under the vision of the globalization of the token economy. The implementation of UENC’s next phase of cross-chain goals is more conducive to the rapid development of its value.

The public chain is surging, UENC hopes to improve the existing ecology through its advanced technology concepts and to realize a decentralized application with a low mining threshold and easy to use.




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